Wednesday , 5 August 2015

Should we depend on Apps?


There isn’t any doubt in my mind that the top tool ever manufactured for traveling is the smartphone. Smartphones let you get access to directions, maps, restaurant suggestions and more while you’re in a foreign place. Unfortunately, it can certainly get very expensive pretty quickly any time you consume data while roaming. A while ago the carriers in the U.S. have grown to be more reasonable with data plans in comparison to before, however it’s still not perfect.. Paying $25 for 100 MBs of data is not unusual. In comparison, Verizon costs $70 for 4,000 MBs of data in the U.S. So 100 MBs usually gets used up fast, particularly if you make use of apps including Facebook, Instagram, or Path.. Moreover, international calling and texting plans are typically really highly-priced, even if you aren’t really trying to use them. ... Read More »

Rebtel App offers free international calling


After being launched in 2007, Rebtel has climbed the positions leaps and bounds to be the second largest VoIP service providers. Under the thought leadership of  Andreas Bernstrom, the former COO of Tradedoubler, a strong believer in changing the VoIP market, Rebtel has grown tremendously. From the experience the service is nothing but the “best”. The quality of the service is the best around at the best price. Rebtel also offers great customer service which is very helpful and quite prompt. The only player which is ahead of this revolutionizing service is none other than Skype. Skype is right now the biggest service provider. Rebtel App – New app around the corner! While the service offered by Rebtel is impeccable, you still will need access to the app. There are many ways to do so. One of the ways is ... Read More »

Free Calls from PC without Viber

free international calls from PC

Viber is a great software that lets you make free calls worldwide regardless of the wireless service provider of the person you want to contact. However, if you want to contact someone who does not have Viber then you cannot use it to make international calls. In that scenario either you need to make an expensive call from your cell phone or landline phone or you can use VoIP. If you make calls from your cell phone provider such as AT&T or T-Mobile in USA, you will be shedding a lot of money per minute. However, you can make free calls from PC, which is popularly known as free PC to Phone Calls using the Internet. Today, we are going to talk about Localphone that allows one free call of 5 minutes anywhere in the world. You can register as many ... Read More »

Viber for Laptops vs. Desktops


A friend of mine yesterday told me his experience and gave a conclusion that was surprising. What Marco said was this, if you have a Desktop then you will have Viber installed on it without any problem. However, installing Viber for laptop is a little difficult and you will run into issues. I was surprised to hear that but then if Marco says something it has a point. He did not have time to explain why, but I had to find it out for myself. Then I did some digging into it and I found out the real reason why people believe that Viber for laptops is difficult to get while Viber for desktops is much easier, in both cases following the same tutorial to download Viber for PC. According to Intel, the manufacturer of microprocessor chips, there are quite ... Read More »

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