Viber for Laptops vs. Desktops

A friend of mine yesterday told me his experience and gave a conclusion that was surprising. What Marco said was this, if you have a Desktop then you will have Viber installed on it without any problem. However, installing Viber for laptop is a little difficult and you will run into issues. I was surprised to hear that but then if Marco says something it has a point. He did not have time to explain why, but I had to find it out for myself. Then I did some digging into it and I found out the real reason why people believe that viber for laptops is difficult to get while Viber for desktops is much easier, in both cases following the same tutorial to download Viber for PC. According to Intel, the manufacturer of microprocessor chips, there are quite a few differences between Laptops and Desktops.

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Is Viber for Laptop really difficult than Desktop?

I am sure you are wondering the same thing. However, it might be true under most circumstances. If we look at the article by PCworld discussing about laptops and desktops, you will see that the specs that matter are Graphics card (Graphics RAM) and size of main memory. Combine this with what Intel said in their article, the desktops are usually build for high end processing and thus they have higher RAMs and better Graphics card. Moreover, there is more physical space inside of a desktop so bigger heat sinks can be put in there. This allows desktop manufacturers to use powerful chips without worrying about heating up the system.

In order to get Viber for PC, we need to install Bluestacks and ooVoo. Since Bluestacks requires more than ooVoo from your computer, we will talk about it. The common Bluestacks errors are mostly created by the graphics card. Only rarely the errors are due to software configuration, such as no sound in bluestacks error. The reason behind most of these errors is a low capability graphics card. Since Desktop computers are made for high-end processing they usually have heavy-duty graphics card such as nVidia GeForce. This is the main reason why Viber for laptop is usually trickier than Viber for a desktop.

Is your Laptop compatible?

The remaining question here is how to determine if a laptop is compatible to install Viber on it. Well, there is only one way to find out for sure. Install Viber for that laptop and then see if it is working. However, if your laptop is more than 6 years old in that case you probably won’t have any luck. Moreover, laptops with integrated graphics chips will also have tough luck getting Viber working on them. However, if you have a separate graphics card then you should upgrade the drivers and try installing Viber after that. Most often than not, you will have success installing Viber on your laptop if you do this. If not, then we can look into the details as to why you are having an issue.

What I want you guys to do, is tell us if you tried installing Viber on laptops and desktops and if you felt it was easier one way than the other.


    • Dear Hessam,

      The issue is Viber is an ARM based app and most of the other emulators don’t support such apps. However, go ahead and try and if it works we will post it here.

  1. i installed viber on bluestack on my windows 7 laptop but when i used they cant hear me in the other side but i can hear them their voice

    • Hi Ruel,

      Try this:

      Connect your microphone jack to the port and then restart bluestacks while the jack is connected. See if this works and let us know.

  2. Bluestacks OK on m’y laptop.Installation Viber OK. Problem : I cannot get the registration sms, nor the vocal call !

  3. pls help me to install the viber into my laptop pc I need them pls ……….
    my laptop info :
    laptop name acer
    500 GB HDD
    graphic intel

    pls help me !

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