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Viber for Laptops vs. Desktops


A friend of mine yesterday told me his experience and gave a conclusion that was surprising. What Marco said was this, if you have a Desktop then you will have Viber installed on it without any problem. However, installing Viber for laptop is a little difficult and you will run into issues. I was surprised to hear that but then if Marco says something it has a point. He did not have time to explain why, but I had to find it out for myself. Then I did some digging into it and I found out the real reason why people believe that Viber for laptops is difficult to get while Viber for desktops is much easier, in both cases following the same tutorial to download Viber for PC. According to Intel, the manufacturer of microprocessor chips, there are quite ... Read More »

Viber for PC and Choice of Android Emulators


Use Of Mobile Applications On PC’s For a number of reasons these days most people are so much in love with the applications that they use on mobile these days that they want to use them on their personal computers (PCs) as well. However what remains challenging is the use of these applications on a personal computer regardless of whether it is  a game they are hooked to such as temple run for PC, or a utility application that helps them save data on their phone such as contacts, addresses etc for instance WhatsApp for PC (There is an updated version of whatsapp for pc here). Silicon Valley companies like Bluestacks and Youwave have been successful to provide the end users with an emulator that lets them use applications like Viber for PC however what remains to be seen is the ... Read More »

Solution For No Sound in Viber Using Bluestacks Player


Viber for PC is now possible thanks to the tutorials that Internet abounds with. The one major problem with these tutorials is that they do not tell you how to solve the calls problem. You can download Viber for PC following their advice but you won’t be able to make phone calls. You will be able to get phone calls but the other person will not be able to hear you. Even though your Microphone is working fine, you will have issues hearing to what the person is saying, as well as the other Viber user will not be able to hear what you are saying. Viber for PC No Sound Problem Solved When something like that happens, we have found a solution that will work in this case. If you cannot get your Microphone to work with Viber for ... Read More »

Will Viber Release Official Version of Viber App for PCs?


Viber for PC is going to be launched soon. Viber team has made it official that they will be launching the PC version of Viber in the market anytime soon. If you do not trust us see the picture above from Viber team’s facebook page. It is only a matter of time before you can download Viber on your PC. There will be nothing else required to be downloaded to get this version of Viber. There are plenty of hacks in the market that offer you tutorials on getting Viber for your windows and Mac operating systems, including the one that claims to download Viber for PC in 5 minutes,  but if the official version is launched you will be simply able to download just one software and that is it. Current status of Viber for PC If you want ... Read More »

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